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Zack Fedor
The Long Goodbyes

Zack Fedor is from the humble farming community of Waverly IL. As early as 2011 Zack could be found in the local taverns playing songs and making friends. Little did he know his love of music, fun times, and good company would become his way of life.

Zack Fedor and The Long Goodbyes takes listeners on a musical journey through the backroads and bars of small town USA. hardship, love, drinking, loss, partying, relationships, and being born in an area often forgotten about. 

Zack's music can be found online wherever you get your tunes from! Streaming on all platforms!

"I hadn’t heard of Zack Fedor before, but now that I’ve seen him I’m surprised at that. According to an online bio he’s been around the Midwest since 2011.

Performing on acoustic guitar with break-laden vocals and accompanied on pedal steel by Garrett Foster, Fedor delivered a twangtastic set of country music. His lyrics are entertaining but thought-provoking; sarcastic, silly, cynical, philosophical and heartfelt by turns."

- Carol Roth, Adventures In Americana

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